Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Doggy Suites and Kitty Condos: Pet Vacations in Orlando

Photo provided by Best Friends Pet Care.
Photo provided by Best Friends Pet Care.
In Episode 9 of On the Road with Mac and Molly we visit Orlando, Florida where we search out some of what's on offer for pet accommodations. With the exception of service dogs, pets are not permitted in the city's theme parks so, if you're planning to bring your dog, cat, or pocket pet on vacation with you, they'll need a place to romp and revel while you're doing the same at one of the playgrounds for humans. Best Friends Pet Care opened a facility recently at Walt Disney World and the center's managers Jennifer Kratzer and Amanda Burris will tell us about the accommodations, amenities, and activities available at this Disney-themed pet palace. In this episode, I'll also fill you in on some of what's on offer for pets at SeaWorld and Universal Studios. And I'll tell what hotel has a VIP (Very Important Pets) program of pampering that includes toys and treats and special room service selections.

Mac and Molly
draw a crowd wherever they
go and such was the case at
Lake Eola. Photo by
Donna Hailson.

The Walt Disney Amphitheater
at Lake Eola Park.
Photo by Donna Hailson.
On the days when you're just hanging about, you might wish to take your furry friend(s) to an off-leash or on-leash park. Two of our favorites of the former type are Meadow Woods, at 1751 Rhode Island Woods Circle, and Barber Park, at 3701 Gatlin Road. For natural beauty and sheer in-the-middle-of-the-city serenity, you can't beat Lake Eola Park at 195 N. Rosalind Avenue. You'll need to keep your dog on a leash here but you'll have a mile-long walk beside the water and, along the path, you'll find a pet-friendly restaurant and pet-friendly folks.

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