Thursday, June 27, 2013

Grieving the Loss of Your Pet or Horse

In Episode 27, I chat with Rebecca Cagle, life coach, counselor and author of Grieving the Loss of Your Pet and Grieving the Loss of Your Horse

In this program, we discuss grieving the loss of a pet through trauma or illness; through natural causes - old age; through euthanasia; through loss in the event of theft or a pet’s wandering away or when a pet has to be given away or sold.

The questions addressed include: What added elements come into play when a pet has to be brought to a shelter knowing that the facility is a kill shelter? How can folks deal with guilt especially when a pet has been lost because of a family member's error or when an animal has to be given away because of an allergy or a mismatch with a family? Is it wise for parents to involve their younger children in decision making when it comes time to euthanize a pet or when a pet must be sold or given away? How should teenagers be involved in these decisions? What do you tell children when a pet has died? Do pets go to heaven?

Rebecca shares some stories of folks she’s assisted through the grieving process and offers advice on how individuals may help friends and family members move to a place of healing. She also brings alongside some of the key elements from her book, Grieving the Loss of Your Horse.

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